Ask better questions. Get better answers. Then ask them anywhere, anytime and anyplace. Secure, scalable…in the cloud.

Manage Performance

Our Performance Management poster walks you through how to get the most value from measuring performance with ExAM.

Make Decisions

Is your Decision Making integrated? Can you easily gather information and act on it? Across stakeholders and organizations?

Gather Data

If you’ve ever had to manage a data call you know how important clear lines of responsibility, insight into progress and real time analysis capabilities can be. ExAM makes data calls easy…just add questions.


Re-platform low to medium complexity apps to reduce costs. ExAM can help you consolidate siloed compliance applications, inspection systems and other data gathering tools.

Not in Government...No Problem


ExAM’s unique ability to help you rapidly collect information, assess anything and support decision making means there it help support your organization in many ways. Find out how other industries are using ExAM to increase performance.



ExAM4Business.com: Change the way you understand your organization, re-platform to save money and deliver integrated decision making.


ExAM4Schools.com: Safer schools are better schools. We can help you make better decisions or use our flagship security assessment to find out how secure your school is today.


ExAM4Government.com: Save money, meet compliance requirements, communicate, collaborate, and transform all in the world’s most successful cloud environment.

Unscientific Survey

  • People who like more information 99% 99%
  • People who like less 1% 1%

ExAM is simple in a good way. Ask questions, get answers. Get answers, make decisions. Its that easy.

Kelly Cole

Business Analyst, MB&A

Its about getting to value. ExAM helps you get down to the business of getting business value faster than anything I’ve seen in a long time.

Rick Smith

Senior Enterprise Architect, MB&A

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