ExAM4Government Brochure

ExAM4Government Brochure

ExAM4Government Brochure

Our Extensible Assessment Manger (ExAM) provides a uniquely comprehensive look into the factors that effect performance management. This ability to manage the assessment through the performance management value chain is similar to other applications that bring the power of subject matter expertise to everyday professionals through the power and convenience of the web. Personnel can securely access this low-cost application on any platform with a web browser.

With many more performance management assessments available from our assessment library including our flagship facility security assessment with questions covering everything from access control to surveillance; ExAM is able to help you immediately begin creating a better understanding of your organization. In addition, ExAM is (as the name implies) extensively customizable and ready to meet public sector requirements. Our Assessment Management Wizard (AMW) makes assessment management and performance management a breeze. Just add questions, click, deploy and begin gaining a deeper understanding of your organization.


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