One of the most persistent problems in government is gathering, managing and reporting on data. The task could be congressional inquires, physical security assessments, data center consolidation or portfolio management; managing these types informational requirement is hard…or it was, until we made it easy and affordable. Using our app means you pay for the service not expensive servers and technology. ExAM may be just the beginning  There are more than 1,800 enterprise class apps in the appexchange. I guarantee your organization could be doing something better, cheaper and more securely by leveraging the power of the cloud.

Wether its helping the Department of Interior perform assessments on more than 200 facilities in 23 states or helping Loudoun County Virginia better understand school security and safety ExAM gives executives, managers and those responsible for gathering, managing and reporting on the mission critical public sector data ExAM is there. Please download our brochure here or schedule a 30 minute demo to understand how we can support your initiative today!